Kate Gatski

Hi! I’m Kate Gatski, one half of Gatski Metal.

Over the years, we’ve built a creative business through trial and error. We’ve learned that we have to balance the making we love with selling and putting ourselves out there. The balance isn’t always easy. But the freedom we find in making our own path is exhilarating.

In this space, I want to share my thoughts and reflections on building our creative enterprise. But I also want to answer your questions and help you pioneer your own creative venture. If you have a question for my Q&A series, you can ask it here.

And if you would like more personal help, I am happy to offer a one-on-one consultation. When you sign up, you’ll send me your shop link(s). I will spend two hours reviewing your shop and making recommendations, and send you a detailed written assessment. You can purchase a two-hour review for $100 here. Once you purchase, I will confirm your consultation and let you know when you can expect my reply.

If you have any questions, please do reach out here. I love hearing from you!

  • Dec012015

    Behind the Scenes of the Gatski Team

    There’s nothing like someone jumping right in to help when you’ve got your mind on getting to the doctor, lowering fevers, and remembering to pick up cough drops. So while November was a bit of a blur for us, we’re catching up with a little thankfulness now. Ben and I are very grateful for the people that help us get

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  • Oct182015

    Hidden Benefits

    What’s that saying about hidden benefits?   I wish I could summon the perfect quote at the perfect moment, adding some wisdom and depth in a quick slice of a moment. Sadly, I am not a quote ninja. So, we might as well get right to the point. There are a lot of hidden benefits in the midst of our everyday work.

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  • Oct012015

    So Many Friends, So Little Time

    This is not my average problem. Truthfully,  I’m not talking about real-life, “friends.” I’m talking about opportunities (which I do treasure). There are are so many opportunities these days online for selling handmade work – new ones are cropping up all the time. It’s an exciting time for crafters and artists.  Keeping up with new “friends” is not always easy. Etsy

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  • Aug242013

    Kate co-authored Starting an Etsy Business

    I just finished co-authoring the 2nd edition of Starting an Etsy Business.  I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts, comments and questions about this book. I really enjoy discussing the ins and outs of handmade businesses.

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  • Feb122013

    Let’s Chat Craft Business!

    Let’s chat “craft business”! Join me for a “daily perk discussion” called A Recipe to Make it Pay at the Buyers Market of American Craft Show. First- I’ll introduce my ideas It’s not about how to make a good product, deliver on time or provide great customer service. You learn those things as you go. This is about following a

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  • Oct092012

    Summary of Etsy 101

    This past weekend I enjoyed teaching an Etsy 101 class at the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsman’s new Center for American Craft. It’s a fabulous workshop space. I had fourteen students all of whom had something handmade to sell. There were potters, jewelers, a weaver and a maker of natural body care products. It was a fantastic group. I shared alot

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  • Aug222012

    To Etsy and Back – Join the Class

    This summer I had the pleasure of traveling to the Etsy headquarters in Brooklyn. Leaving our quiet little hill before the break of dawn and arriving in the middle of the city around 9AM left me feeling slightly overwhelmed & very awestruck. I got a grip and went into the large building within which Etsy lives.  I  was there to

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  • Aug022012

    Why You Should Sell on Etsy

    Whether you are a hobby crafter or a fine artist, I recommend selling on Etsy. Why? 1. The Smarts factor. Etsy attracts smart customers in droves. They might be shopping for a crocheted scrubbie or an impressionist painting- either way, they have a discerning eye.  Your customer is smart. They can tell the difference- and they will find you.  Etsy

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  • Jul102012

    Tell Your Everyday Story, Or not?

    I do believe there is great power in your everyday. Learn how to unearth it with a simple exercise in  Tell Your Everyday Story . This article I wrote was met with some criticism. This inspired a response piece by textile artist Wai-Yuk called, “What Does Trivial Mean.” The gist of these criticisms

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  • May142012

    Crazy is a Tool

    What have you learned from crazy lately?   Early on we set up at Brimfield one of the largest outdoor flea markets in eastern US. Our wild, hardscrabble neighbor screamed, “You Fool!” at anyone who didn’t stop into his booth. He also had a tattoo on the inside of his lip and you don’t even want to know what it

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